Padma Mayurasana

Padma Mayurasana – Lotus in Peacock Pose

Padma Mayurasana or Lotus in Peacock Pose is done by first assuming the Lotus pose (Padmasana) and then performing Mayurasana or the peacock pose. It is an advanced asana. It requires good strength of the arms and the abdominal muscles along with a good sense of balance.Padma Mayurasana is known to be good for all problems of the digestive system. It improves digestion, removes constipation, improves function of the pancreas and removes toxins from the blood.Padma Mayurasana should not be done by those suffering from high blood pressure and those who had recent surgery affecting the abdomen or chest region. Also, women should avoid this pose during pregnancy.
How to do Padma Mayurasana (Lotus in Peacock Pose)??Assume the Lotus Pose or Padmasana. To perform Padmasana sit on the floor on the yoga mat with legs stretched out. Fold the right leg and place it on the left thigh. Then hold the left leg just above the ankle and pull it towards the right…

Yoga Retreat With Sadhak Anshit

Get ready to experience the yoga retreats like never before. Welcome to the Shiva Yoga Retreat Center which gives students an opportunity to experience a precise and affordable 10-day blissful Meditation and Yoga retreat, every month, throughout the year in Uttarakhand, India. Listen to the sweet sounding birds, the trickling waters of the holy river and be absorbed in the breath-taking view of our jungle location. Life at the Shiva Yoga retreat center provides an inner transformation to you as an individual. With proficient and notable yoga instructors imparting the ancient and traditional lifestyle of yoga, the stint with us will be a profound expeprience which you will treasure throughout your life. Come and explore your inner dimensions and the mystery of yoga.Post the completion of this course, you will get a 100 hours Yoga Certificate from Shiva Yoga Centre, a unit of Sadhana Yoga Institute Pvt. Ltd. (India)}}RETREAT HIGHLIGHTS
•2 daily Yoga Classes
•1 daily Meditation Class
•1 …

Yoga as a Cereer

Career in YogaWe are today living in a world where people have become more health conscious than they ever were. We can also owe this sudden change due to the nature of jobs and increasing lifestyle diseases. The people are today more at risk as work involves sitting in front of computer screens more than what it used to in the past. Yoga is an option which not only gets you the required work out but also relaxes you. Yoga is one the most natural ways of keeping the human body fit and in shape.  It is something that has also spread its wings to most western countries as well. This natural system which began as back as three thousand years ago has been maximising on its benefits and making a difference for most people and enduring them with health and happiness.Yoga as a CereerMostly professionals who have been sharing their knowledge of the science of meditation and yoga are called yogis or Yoga Teachers. With the rise in reputation of holistic and alternative medical care, a lot of w…

Difference between Yoga and Meditation

Today Yoga is in vogue. Everybody wants to do Yoga. Many people considered that there is no difference between yoga and meditation. For the beginners and the uninformed, I would like to explain how and what is the difference between yoga and meditation. Meditation and Yoga are related in the sense; Meditation is a section or a part of Yoga. WHAT IS YOGA?
First of all, Yoga is not a religion.Yoga is a way of life that aims to remove obstacles and suffering from life to attain the highest spiritual goal ‘Samadhi’ or self-realisation or union with higher consciousness. Yoga entails different paths and practices that help in achieving the desired results. It is very unfortunate that the commercial fitness industry is trying to use Yoga as a gimmick for materialistic gains and sales purposes. Yoga is not all about stretching and adjunct to intense physical exercises. Yoga is much more than that- Yoga is for everyday living. It is a holistic approach to healthy living. Yoga helps to connect mi…

सक्रिय तथा निष्क्रिय ध्यान की विधियाँ

ध्यान की विधियों को दो श्रेणियों में विभाजित किया जा सकता है – सक्रिय ध्यान की विधियाँ और निष्क्रिय ध्यान की विधियाँ । सक्रिय ध्यान वह ध्यान है जिसमें शरीर सक्रिय होता है, क्रियाशील होता है, शरीर में गति होती है; और निष्क्रिय ध्यान वह होता है जिसमें शरीर स्थिर होता है, शांत होता है, विश्राम में होता है, इसमें कोई गति नहीं होती । सक्रिय ध्यान सक्रिय ध्यान की जितनी विधियाँ हैं उनमें से पहली विधि के बारे में चर्चा करेंगे, जो की है ओशो की सक्रिय ध्यान विधि यानि डाइनैमिक मेडिटेशन । इस विधि के चार चरण हैं । पहली विधि-पहली विधि  में बहुत बलपूर्वक साँस छोड़नी है, पूरी त्वरा में, पूरी शक्ति उढ़ेल देनी है । बस साँस बाहर छोड़नी है, बस साँस छोड़ना है । जितनी ऊर्जा से आप साँस छोड़ सकते हैं, छोड़ें । अपने आपको उढ़ेल दीजिए । ओशो कहते हैं कि साँस लेने की चिन्ता न करें, शरीर स्वयं साँस ले लेगा । बस आप छोड़ने की चिन्ता करें । साँस छोड़ें पूरे ज़ोर से, पूरी तन्मयता से, पूरी सघनता से, पूरी तीव्रता से, पूरी मस्ती से, अपनी पूरी हस्ती से, बस साँस छोड़ें । तो इस चरण में 15 मिनिट इस विधि से साँस छोड़नी होती है । ज…

A Five Minute Mindful Breathing Practice to Restore Your Attention

Returning to the breath, again and again, when the mind has wandered that's how we train our attention.
1- Start by sitting comfortably on a cushion or in a chair. Close your eyes if you like, or leave them open and lower your gaze toward the floor. 2- Just breathe. Breathe as you normally would. There’s nothing special to do, or make happen. And then draw your attention to the physical sensation of each breath. You might notice the rising and falling of your abdomen or chest. Or you might notice the air moving in and out through your nose or mouth. With each breath, guide attention as best as you’re able back to your breathing. Breathing in… and breathing out. 3- Be kind to your busy mind. Almost immediately, and many times over, we’ll find ourselves distracted. Our attention will always wander—that’s what it does. That’s normal, and always going to be part of our experience—both in meditation, and in life. You might find that your attention wanders toward a sound, or a thought, or…

Which Type of Meditation Is Right for Me??

What Meditation is all aboutMeditation may be an ancient tradition, but it’s still practiced in cultures all over the world to create a sense of calm and inner harmony. Although the practice has ties to many different religious teachings, meditation is less about faith and more about altering consciousness, finding awareness, and achieving peace. These days, with the greater need to reduce stress in the midst of our busy schedules and demanding lives, meditation is increasing in popularity. Although there isn’t a right or wrong way to meditate, it’s important to find a practice that meets your needs and complements your personality. There are six popular types of meditation practice: Mindfulness meditationSpiritual meditationFocused meditationMovement meditationMantra meditationTranscendental meditationNot all meditation styles are right for everyone. These practices require different skills and mindsets. How do you know which practice is right for you? “It’s what feels comfortable and wh…